We welcome all Science, Nutrition & Food Science and Design & Technology educators to join us in this conference.


The Singapore International Science Teachers’ Conference 2022 will be held online from 22 – 24 November 2022.

The objectives of this year’s conference are:

  • to promote science education and emphasise its key role in society, nation building and global impact;
  • to initiate and lead discussions in signature pedagogies that prepare our learners so that they will be future ready for the exciting world which they will live and work in;
  • to develop teacher competencies in the following aspects of Practices of Science:
    • Demonstrating Ways of Thinking and Doing in Science,
    • Understanding Nature of Scientific Knowledge and
    • Relating Science-Technology-Society-Environment; and
  • to provide an international platform for local and overseas science educators to share effective practices and innovative strategies to enhance the rigour and joy of learning Science for our students.


  • New Media and Technologies: this strand seeks to feature current and emerging innovations to develop students’ digital literacies in tandem with their learning of science content and processes. 
  • STEM and Applied Learning: this strand seeks to draw attention to new ways of engaging and preparing students for the future through areas such as STEM environmental science education, design and engineering practices, etc.
  • Science Literacy and Practices of Science: this strand seeks to demonstrate what literacy strategies and best practices can be utilised for developing students’ understanding of the practices of science.
  • Science Teaching and Learning: this strand seeks to present effective pedagogical practice and instructional strategies aimed at improving the quality of students’ learning, cognizant of learning sciences in addressing the needs of the diverse profile of learners. 
  • Teachers’ Professional Learning and Development: this strand seeks to encourage teachers to enhance their teaching practice and students’ learning through active involvement in networked learning communities and being a reflective practitioner.
  • Assessment and Evaluation: this strand seeks to emphasise the importance of teachers examining and improving the validity and reliability of their assessment and evaluation practice to enhance students’ learning.


Science Teachers Association of Singapore

The Science Teachers Association of Singapore (STAS) was officially registered in November 1965. It was founded by a group of enthusiastic science teachers led by the late Mr Sng Yew Chong. Past Chairmen included Mr John Yip, Mr Wee Heng Tin, Dr Ang Wai Hoong, Mrs Carmee Lim, Miss Kan Sou Tin, Mrs Lim Chye Tin, Mrs Catherine Woon, Mrs Nora Teo, Mr Abdul Mannan and Ms Irene Tan. The current Chairman is Mr Jay Westly Mahardale, Principal of Northland Primary School. 

Advisors to the Association in the past included professors from the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technology University; the National Institute of Education and the Directors of Singapore Science Centre. The current Advisor is retired educator, Dr Angela Wong Foong Lin, who used to be an Associate Professor with the Learning Sciences and Technologies Group in NIE. 

Since its inception, STAS has organised numerous talks, courses, workshops, seminars and field trips (local & overseas) and these have benefited a large number of educators and students. Notably STAS started the Singapore Young Scientist Cards Scheme in 1982 (40 years ago). It has since collaborated with the Science Centre Singapore to facilitate the activities. To date, more than 1 million students have been recipients of the Young Scientist badges. 

STAS works collaboratively with the Ministry of Education (Singapore), the Academy of Singapore Teachers, Science Centre Singapore, the National Institute of Education and various affiliated Science Associations under the umbrella of the Singapore National Academy of Science. Some of the activities organised annually are the Young Scientist Badge Scheme, the QUESTA Club and biennially, the Outstanding Science Teachers’ Award, the Outstanding STEM Teachers’ Award, the Singapore Youth Science Festival and the Singapore International Science Teachers’ Conference. 

STAS is honoured to be nominated by the Ministry of Education to receive the Singapore Excellence Award 1998 on behalf of all science and mathematics teachers in Singapore for their excellent performance in the Third International Mathematics and Science Study. On top of that, in more recent years (2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2020), STAS has received the Partner of AST Awards by the Academy of Singapore Teachers for its dedication and continued support for teachers’ professional development. 

Academy of Singapore Teachers

The Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) was established in 2010 as a Leading Academy for professional excellence in education, and to champion the ethos of the teaching profession. Guided by the philosophy of ‘Teacher Ownership, Teacher Leadership’ (TOTL) of professional learning, it seeks to foster a teacher-led culture professional excellence centred on the holistic development of the child.

TOTL articulates AST’s firm belief that teachers as professionals, are driven by a strong sense of mission, and would seek to exert intentional influence to achieve professional excellence within a trusting and supportive professional learning climate. Subject Chapters helmed by Master Teachers within the AST is one of the signature feature of the AST. It seeks to not only deepen the pedagogical content knowledge of teachers for quality student learning, but also build a culture of teacher-led professionalism and pride in the teaching fraternity, and champion professional collaboration and networked learning among teachers.

Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore, a non-formal educational institution and leading regional Science Centre, along with its group of attractions, brings out the wonders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through its unique blend of exhibitions, educational programmes and events. A custodian of creativity and innovation, Science Centre Singapore has captured the evolution of scientific developments for over four decades.

The Centre and its partners have played a pivotal role in transforming the way students and the public interact with and learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Since 1977, the Centre has welcomed over 30 million visitors and inspired them with more than 1,000 exhibits spread across 14 exhibition galleries and outdoor exhibition spaces.

The Centre’s group of attractions include Omni-Theatre, Butterflies Up-Close, Snow City and KidsSTOP™. The Omni- Theatre is an immersive dual-technology edutainment destination fitted with Southeast Asia’s largest seamless dome screen and featuring the latest and brightest 8k digital full dome system in the world. Snow City is Singapore’s only permanent indoor snow centre offering an Arctic inspired experience at Singapore’s first ice gallery and snow chamber. KidsSTOP™ - Where every child gets to Imagine, Experience, Discover and Dream - is Singapore’s first children’s science centre offering an enriching experience through purposeful play for children aged 18 months to 8 years.

Curriculum Planning and Development Division

The Science Branch, within the Curriculum Planning and Development Division (CPDD) of the Ministry of Education (MOE), develops syllabuses, programmes and resources to support schools in Science teaching and learning across the grade levels from Primary through to Pre-University. The syllabuses, textbooks and related print materials, hands-on learning as well as digital Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) resources are developed in consultation with various stakeholders. The branch also participates in research projects to monitor curriculum implementation as well as to study emerging trends and developments in Science education to inform curriculum design and practice. To support teachers in curriculum implementation, the branch works closely with partners such as the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST), the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Science Centre Singapore and the Institutes of Higher Learning (e.g. NUS, NTU, NIE) to provide opportunities for both teachers and students in the teaching and learning of Science. Such opportunities include professional development courses to equip and update teachers’ competencies in content, pedagogy and assessment; research and enrichment programmes to engage our students’ interest in Science; collaborative platforms to produce SLS resources; as well as Teacher Work Attachments (TWA).

National Institute of Education

The Natural Sciences and Science Education Academic Group integrates several science content and pedagogical disciplines with a strong multidisciplinary approach to teaching and research. With this integration, disciplinary barriers between the sciences and related pedagogies are removed to pave the way for greater interaction and teamwork among academics and students alike. The Group comprises academics in the fields of Biological sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Science Education, Design & Technology Education, Family Consumer Science Education, and Computer Applications

Research by biologists, chemists and physicists in the Group is centred on many areas of current cutting-edge science such as agro biotechnology, plasma physics and, chemical synthesis and materials science while the science educationists focus mainly on maximizing the potential of every child with research on students' learning approaches, problem-solving skills and inquiry. There is also a focused research in developing new pedagogies in the teaching of the new sciences such as integrated STEM, molecular biology and nanoscience.

Singapore Association for the Advancement of Science

The Singapore Association for the Advancement of Science (SAAS) is a constituent member of the Singapore National Academy of Science. The Association works closely with the Science Centre Singapore, the Science Teachers Association of Singapore and other organisations for the cause of its objectives to promote the understanding of science and technology among the youth and the general public.

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